In the beginning, God said let there be light, and one angel -Saiel, cherished the word of creation above all things. He cherished the words so much, in time, he used their power for himself, creating huge empires on earth, subjugating millions, ravaging the planet, and even destroying human souls. But this violation brought divine wrath upon him and Karliel, a powerful twin-angel of fire, was sent to strip away Saiel�€™s memory of the words but not before Saiel had hidden them in a book.


New York City, 2015.


Arilyn, a misfit and awkward teen, finds an ancient, leather-bound manuscript in her late grandfather's study. Without knowing it, she has a picked up a book that hasn�€™t been opened in over a thousand years. And when she does, her curiosity sets off a chain of events that not only put her and her family in mortal danger, but threaten the lives of every living soul.


Share Arilyn�€™s journey as she confronts Saiel, Karliel, and a secret society hellbent on possessing the power of the Secret Words �€“a power she has unwittingly absorbed herself.


the Door

(book one and two available now!)


What if someone told you that you’re not who you think you are?

Meet Luci, a trailer-park teen living with her grandmother in a remote Arizona town.

What if who you really are, has been hidden for a reason?

Last week Luci woke up to find her grandmother had died in bed.

What if you found out that someone had stolen your real memories?

Two days later, Luci had to move in with an old uncle she never knew she had.

What if your real memories were trying to find you?

Last night, Luci started hearing a strange voice in her head. An hour later, she found an ancient relic hidden in her uncle’s dresser.

What if knowing who you really are would kill everyone you know?

This morning, Luci escaped a deadly fire, but her uncle didn’t.

What if knowing who you really are would leave you completely alone?



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The Door book two!