Craig Wickersham was born in Denver Colorado, grew up in Santa Cruz, California, and after exploring a few more states, now lives in beautiful Tempe, Arizona.


Creativity is the word that describes Craig’s being, whether it’s expressed through the personal designs for his clients, or the pages of his novels. The first expressions of this powerful creativity came in the form of hand-drawn artwork, including holiday cards, which at the age of 7 he was mailing out to family and friends. By age 13 he was designing custom homes, with the first of his designs being built when he was only 14. 


As a young reader-writer, he was inspired by a broad range of authors and subjects, inspiration he channeled into creativity once again, authoring several short stories which led to full novels. In addition to being an architect, artist, sculptor and writer, he enjoys life with his wife Teresa and son Miles, who support and inspire his creativity. Enjoy!